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Госпожа страпон доминирование

Госпожа Метелица

Сказка с аудио сопровождением Госпожа Метелица. По сказке Братьев Гримм. - .

Clitor stimulator

Intensity Stimulator

http://www.pinkcherry.comAn absolute innovation in female pleasure and sexual wellness, the ultra sophisticated Intensity from Jopen combines incredible kegel exercising technology with unparalleled vibrating functions and a perfectly customized fit. It's a bit hard to pin down, in terms of how to categorize, since it's not just a vibe, and much more than a kegel tool, but that's precisely what makes the Intensity so unique. First intended as a simple, effective tool to automatically tone and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which are responsible for the contractions that occur during orgasm, electro-stimulation is at the core of the long list of amazing features. Two smooth conductive pads on either side of the head send gentle waves of electricity surging subtly through the vaginal walls, which effortlessly contract and release the muscles. Studies have shown that women often perform kegels with the best of intentions, but more often then not, aren't able to isolate the specific set of muscles that are key to reaping the benefits of strong pelvic floor muscles, namely, more intense, pleasurable orgasms. Electro-stimulation eliminates the possibility of improper exercise, since the contractions that occur with this type of technology are completely involuntary and perfectly controlled. You'll be able to adjust the intensity of the stimulation, starting off low and working your way up with soft touch push buttons built into the big, easy to grip base. Interestingly, as testers were exploring the kegel potential when this fantastic tool was still in it's beginning stages, women began volunteering some surprising information. They found that aside from stronger pelvic floor muscles, they were experiencing very intense, extremely pleasurable orgasms from the electro-stimulation itself. Further research along this vein showed that the pelvic floor muscles were actually being coaxed into orgasm by the electrical waves, which triggered the type of contractions that happen during orgasm. Developers took this thread and ran with it, creating a unique dual purpose pleasure tool that combines clitoral stimulation and a perfectly customizable head with the electro-stimulation that alone seemed to induce orgasm, as well as strengthen and tone up the pelvic muscles. A flexible, supple bunny-shaped vibe protrudes at a perfect angle from just underneath the head, it features an independent motor that drives the bunny through 5 vibration speeds, the first sets the ears to tickling teasingly, while the last is finger-tinglingly powerful. Another set of soft touch buttons built into the base, sitting beside the electro-stim controls take you through the 5 clitoral stimulation speeds at leisure. Since it's so pliable, you'll be able to position the bunny perfectly against you, a trend that carries through to the head, which is also amazingly customizable. A simple pump valve is built into the base, which expands the side of the head incrementally, fitting the electrodes securely and pleasurably against the sensitive inner vaginal walls. Once in place, you'll be able to experiment with, or continue enjoying the orgasmic potential of the electro stimulation As if you needed any more convincing, the Intensity is made from premium, 100% silicone material, which, as any connoisseur knows, is the clear choice for safety and hygiene, plus, it offers a few other fantastic benefits. To start, silicone cleans thoroughly and easily, a wipe down with warm soapy water or a good toy cleaner is all that's needed. This material is also extremely body friendly and completely hypoallergenic, just the thing for sensitive skin. Adding another aspect of pleasure to this great tool, silicone warms naturally to body temperature with use, you'll feel it heat thrillingly as you enjoy. A 2 ounce tube of hypoallergenic, salt free electrode gel is included with your Intensity, this should be applied to the metal contacts before insertion, note that you should always ensure the device is inserted and inflated before turning on the electro-stimulation, a good water based lubricant will help with initial insertion, if needed. Intensity requires 4 AAA batteries, which are sold separately. This toy is NOT waterproof. - .

Analnie vaginalnie fotki

Śmieszne, ciekawe , specyficzne zdjęcia kibiców !

Film przestawiający specyficzne fotki kibicowskie czyli nie zawsze śmieszne ale często ciekawe , dziwne lub miejące "to coś".Zdjecia kibicow fotki kibicow smieszne zdjecia fajne fotki zieja brechta fajne zdjecia polska rzeczywistość - .

Ukraina seks foto

Ukraina, Lwów 2017 - Klasyki na drogach i torach (Foto)

Fotki i kilka filmów jako wspominka z zeszłorocznych małych wakacji we Lwowie i okolicach. :)Zmontowałem ujęcia przedstawiające głównie klasyki jakie można spotkać na drogach jak i zwykłych jak i też szynowych na w tym rejonie. :)Zaliczam marszrutki ze względu na to że jest to coś co wręcz wbiło się w Ukraińską codzienność. Gdzieś w filmie władowało sie przypadkiem foto nowego autobusu - będzie jako ciekawostka. :)Prezentowane pojazdy to tylko kawałek tego co można zobaczyć na Ukrainie. Każdy pasjonat starej motoryzacji (i nie tylko) jadąc tam może wiedzieć że poczuje sie jak pączek w maśle. :)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Film nie ma na celu ukazywania państwa w złym świetle. Wbrew pozorom warto jechać na Ukrainę, ten kraj nie jest tak zły jak opisuje to większość ludzi (myślą że w całym państwie jest wojna i anarchia, albo bieda po uszy i pijactwo). ;)Na przykład pojazdy przedstawione stanowią może 20% ruchu drogowego, reszta to w miare nowe auta. Zaczęto remontować główne drogi. Na ulicach nie spotkałem żadnych pijanych. Ogólnie na zachodzie Ukrainy jest spokój i normalne życie, można jechać śmiało. :)Muzyka:"А я только с мороза" - Верка Сердючка, караоке и текст песни - .

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ПМС: инструкция по выживанию для мужика

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Интим магазин Digitalii.ru SE-0855-00-3

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